4 Keys To Fix Your Restaurant

Posted: June 10, 2013 in NERDSTEAK - Food View
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Now you don’t have to wait for a ‘celebrity’ chef to walk through your doors to fix your failing restaurant.  Here are 4 simple things you can do to turn around your failing establishment…

  1. CLEAN – Clean your kitchen, clean your dining room, clean the outside of your restaurant.  For whatever reason people seem to forget that a clean restaurant inside and out is a lot more inviting than a dumpster.  Once you do a massive cleaning job on your place, the general upkeep really isn’t that hard or time consuming.  Once you get a great score from the health department, give me a shout out and post your results for all to see.
  2. SIMPLIFY – Unless you are a high volume, large capacity restaurant, long gone are the days of the 10 page menu.  Streamline your menu so consumers know what your schtick is.  This will also greatly improve your food cost, cut down on prep time, and make it easier for the BOH to execute.  Would you rather be great at a few things or not so good at a lot of things?
  3. MODERNIZE – Go to your local fast casual restaurant, and you will notice many are moving away from that old person basement look of random junk everywhere.  The best part about a modern, open, inviting look to your dining room is that it is not expensive.  Just like in the TV shows, you most likely have plenty of good stuff in your restaurant, you just need to remove the bad.
  4. TRAIN – I had no idea that so many employees don’t know the true meaning of customer service!  Regardless if they know your menu or are knowledgable about your wine list, they should be proper, polite, and responsive to your guests needs.  Since you should already have SIMPLIFIED your menu, it will be that much easier to train your staff.  Make sure there is some type of chain of command for any situation, then your place will start to run itself.

ID-100107994Feel free to send me a check when your bottom line goes from red to green.  If you need someone to come in and do it for you, I am much quicker to respond than those ‘celebrity’ chefs!

  1. Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this
    blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  2. James Conroy says:

    Loved this. I provide service and management training to independent restaurants. If they followed your blueprint, success would be theirs! One thing I would add here chef: Marketing. Too many restaurants work on word of mouth alone. Invite VIP/Business locals in for an “event” where food and service are showcased. Social sites and charities also serve as marketing tools.

  3. Liza S. says:

    #MODERNIZE: When it comes to modernizing your restaurant in real terms, it’s more about hopping on to the latest modern technologies and treat your customers in the most enticing and convenient way. I’m talking about connecting with customers on their smartphones via your brand mobile app. Get it built and use the same to engage your customers with tempting specials, offers, events etc. like this restaurant http://goo.gl/sbuCi

  4. What a great read. I often contract myself out as a restaurant consultant and all four point is my main focus. Actually, being clean is#1! Especially the bathroom, then customer service! Both of which I look for in any establishment I frequent. This is a handy to-do list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. kathyfoote says:

    Love this post. Thanks for liking mine. I like your advice for restaurants. You don’t mind if I take this advice to heart in my kitchen and dining room at home, do you? 😉

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