The Food Eater’s Diet – Low Calorie Options

Posted: November 4, 2013 in NERDSTEAK - Brain Food, NERDSTEAK - Food View
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Random chubby guy eating pizza. Ooohhh the irony...

Random chubby guy eating pizza. Ooohhh the irony…

Like I said before, I like to feel full when I eat.  This causes a problem when also on a calorie restricted diet!  Here is a list of low calorie food options that you should add to your diet to pack in the VOLUME of food you want, with a low amount of calories!

  • Arugula – The is a peppery flavored leafy green packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  There are also some findings that dark leafy greens improve your libido. (Wink wink, nudge nudge…know what I mean?!)
  • Cabbage – The darker green and brighter purple the better.  Very affordable, great crunchy texture, and contains properties that may reduce your risk of cancer and stink up your house when cooked.
  • Kale – You have seen, and will see this ingredient popping up more and more on menus and store shelves.  It has been classified as one of the best super-foods, which means it packs an amazing nutritional punch with very little calories. You can also call yourself a hipster while eating it.
  • Beets – A slightly sweet, earthy vegetable with beautiful color and rich in iron, potassium, and folate.  It is also growing on the ‘trendy’ side by being added to veggie burgers, and new improved salads. Dr. Dre would be proud.
  • Cauliflower – Another great source of vitamin C and folate, this vegetable is wonderful in place of mashed potatoes, used in indian curry dishes, and a whole head can be sliced into planks and grilled for cool presentations.
  • Mushrooms – No matter if you use standard button mushrooms, or branch out into the hundreds of varieties available, mushrooms are low in calories but are full of immune-boosting antioxidants.  They also contain the elusive UMAMI flavor profile which will add some savory meat flavor to your recipes.
  • Tomatoes – Real tomatoes are actually very low in calories! It is only when we associate they with pizza, ketchup, and meat sauce do they pack in the calories.  Tomatoes contain all those healthy vitamins and minerals you are looking for plus some natural sweetness.
  • Zucchini – This squash is VERY low in calories while being VERY easy to grow in your own garden. It is pack with vitamin A and is a tasty treat raw, or cooked. Call them courgettes to be extra fancy.
  • Egg whites – 1 whole cup of egg whites has about 120 calories and 26 grams of protein. HHHMMM maybe make an omelet with all the above ingredients mixed together?!?!?
  • Cod – This is a mild white fish that is very high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  Since it is so mild, it will easily blend with any other flavors you add to it.
  • Bison – If you are a red meat fan, grass fed bison is actually a healthier option due to minimal fat marbling, and it contains just as much omega-3 fatty acids as salmon. It also contains even fewer fat calories, and lower cholesterol than skinless chicken! Also, Dances With Wolves is a must watch 😉
  • Fat-free cottage cheese – You can get about 11g of protein for a half cup serving with only 70 calories.  This type of protein is digested very fast, so it is perfect for recuperating after a tough workout.
  • Coffee/tea – It is only when you blend with heavy cream, sugar, whipped cream, honey, chocolate syrup, and caramel do these beverages become high in calories.  There is also, of course, caffein which has been shown to improve your calorie burning thru the day, but still does not increase the quality of your work, or make that morning meeting any better.

Now before you yell at me…yes I know there are plenty of other healthy, low calorie food options (feel free to post your favorites!)  Before you troll my post…yes I know there are other, more nutrient dense foods like fruits, whole grains, legumes, and all that fun stuff.  Before you comment with your biased opinion…yes I know you feel that processed foods are to blame for being fat, and you should eat clean.  Before you post about your vegan, paleo, or gluten-free diet…maybe this post isn’t for you.  Read the title and you will get it 🙂

p.s. There is no spoon…

  1. jessiesuesue says:

    Broccoli is my go to filler food! I like it and its easy! Great post!

  2. Ice_Badger says:

    I completely agree about the mushrooms! I always use them to bulk out food, so tasty and you can eat so much of them!!
    I would add Red, Yellow and Orange bell peppers, you can eat them cooked or raw and they are very low calorie and full of vitamins (and taste awesome)

  3. emberyn says:

    Thanks for this! I’m actually just diving back into being a whole person- starting with better eating and more activity.

  4. Pang says:

    Wow!!!! Great post. I definitely need to try to cook Bison for my red meat family. Thanks for sharing.

  5. bgddyjim says:

    LOL! Awesome post.

  6. misha says:

    oh man, you hit the nail on the head. i eat almost every one of these twice per week.

    the love of my life is mung bean sprouts. the texture is amazing and they contain nothing but a little bit of protein. when i need something creamy, my favorite cheat foods are marscapone cheese and/or strained yogurt.

  7. cluttercafe says:

    Great post! Thanks

  8. Vinny Grette says:

    I make my own yogurt (low fat, extra protein, no sugar). It tastes great, and if I want it sweeter, I add stevia and fruit. I bought a yogurt machine at a kitchen store – best investment of my life. Easy and a success every time. From your list, beets is a favorite – good so many ways. But I like them all. You must be doing well on your meal plan 🙂

  9. Thanks for liking my latest blog post! 🙂 Love this post..,includes so many foods I eat on a regular basis!

  10. 2bfitmom says:

    Great list! Jicama is tasty too, lightly marinade and throw on top a salad. Thanks for liking my post “A high protein, low fat start to my day”

  11. Morgan says:

    AWESOME. Thanks for sharing!

  12. mmmtastethis says:

    But you hit it exactly – Processed and junk are the key, not fat or calories. But that ddoes not mean you have to give up TASTE! Please check out our Mmmtatethis Blog for delicious “real food” recipes that you will WANT to eat. Not low cal, not low fat, not paleo, not vegan… JUST REAL AND JUST DELICIOUS! ~ Good luck in your quest!

  13. Capt Jill says:

    great post! along with the bison, check out water buffalo, we have some people raising them near here and they tell me they are very healthy and offer all sorts of benefits. I haven’t been able to try any yet.

  14. iente9ar says:

    I recently started drinking green tea, and it fills me up during working hours. it substituted diet coke which made me hungry all the time 😛

  15. Jurnal de Concubina says:

    Nice one, but i rather concentrate myself on low carb food then low calorie food 🙂 So theoretically I can eat whatever I want as long as i keep my carbs on low level. That’s how I’ve managed to loose over 30 kilos :))

  16. […] The Food Eater’s Diet – Low Calorie Options ( […]

  17. Hate Kale, but its good… Give me some good recipes please!!!! 🙂

  18. Fitnesstroop says:

    Funny picture!! Thanks for your comment on my blog

  19. Beth says:

    I had a nutritionist who had me up my consumption of fiber as a supplement because it sits in your gut longer and keeps the “full” feeling up and running. Weird, but it worked. And it’s not bad for you. 🙂 (Don’t worry, we did all kinds of other stuff to improve my food choices and activities and such and didn’t rely solely on the fiber trick, but it did help.)

    That said, broccoli! Or “nature’s broom” as my best friend hilariously refers to it… she also noted that you’ve never heard of anyone getting fat on broccoli. (You can see why I keep her around.) But steamed with a dash of salt and I’m an extremely happy girl. So good! I could eat that stuff every day. It’s ridiculously low in calories, high in the good stuff (particularly iron), and tasty. Win-win-win.

  20. As a South Eastern New England girl we’ve known the power of kale for years there is no better comfort food than kale soup.

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