Inside Out: The Chef’s Perspective on Allergens

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Inside out: The chef's perspective article from

Inside out: The chef’s perspective article from


I was recently interviewed by about my background as a chef and how it relates to food allergens in restaurants!  Let me know what you think!

Click here to read the interview!

  1. sah488 says:

    “Top Chains have a broader understanding and more accountability but the smaller local restaurants could do a little better… Just because gluten free menus are offered, doesn’t mean it is safe. “

    Well said!

  2. Completely unrelated to topic but I’m flighty like that: your eyes look really cool in this picture.

  3. Leonor says:

    I have a question for you, if that’s alright: do you think people are more afraid of gluten and other allergens than before? I see a lot of people shying away from gluten now, but they’re not allergic to them – I feel gluten is the new ‘demon,’ replacing carbs… Thoughts welcome!

    • chefman316 says:

      I do feel that people are afraid of gluten more than ever! I personally have no know food allergies, so I don’t follow any specific diet other than trying to cut calories. I am not sure if it is due to that fact that people are cutting out the gluten, or that people following gluten free diets happen to be eating higher protein/lower calorie diets without realizing it, but I personally feel that our increasing obesity and health issues stem from the lack of exercise. To many people are living a stagnant lifestyle and blame the food they eat, without giving exercise a chance. However if people feel better eating gluten free, who am I to judge? Even if it is some kind of placebo effect, more power to them hahahaha.

      • Leonor says:

        Thanks for replying! And… agreed (although if one reads the nutritional information for some of the popular foods – such as fast food – one quickly realises no amount of exercise is going to shave that off!)

  4. Melissa says:

    Wow what an interesting educational background you have, Mike!

  5. Nice job you have I would like to have something like that in a near future!

    • chefman316 says:

      Thank you very much! I am fortunate to be in the position that I am in.

      • Good my friend, I am about to complete my bachelor degree in Culinary Management. It is true that having a bachelor is an opening door for more opportunities or depend of the person ?

        Thank you!

      • chefman316 says:

        I think having a actual degree does open more doors for opportunity, however it means nothing if it isn’t backed up by hands on training and skills. A chef needs to be more than ‘book-smart’ so I feel a good combo of education and hands on experience is best.

      • Good my friend,
        I have about 15 years in culinary experience, some restaurants, institutional, and hospitals. What places within the culinary industry is best to work?
        Could you give me some ideas?

        Thank you!

      • chefman316 says:

        Well that depends on what you want to do…I had fun working nights, weekends, and holidays, but I currently enjoy working in the corporate world. I still get to cook, but I get to enjoy life outside of work as well. Being an executive chef for chain restaurants, foodservice equipment, or suppliers has its benefits.

      • Thank you,
        I was considering something like foodservice equipment or suppliers, or to work in the test kitchen of chain restaurants as well.

        Thank you again,
        Hasta la vista!

  6. liveboldlylovefreely says:

    Well Done!!! Look at you getting all famous 😉 Merry Christmas Chief.

  7. jamienewell says:

    Have you heard of a low FODMAP diet? I’ve had horrible food allergies but couldn’t figure out what was really causing it (mainly bloat) until I started eating foods that were low FODMAP. I now only eat low FODMAP foods and love it!!

  8. Naturopathic Table says:

    I read this article and I really appreciate your conscientiousness cooking for people with allergies and food sensitivities. Hopefully, it will help to spread that awareness to smaller restaurants/chains.

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