The people from Snake River Farms sent me a sample of their American Kobe Steak Flight for review. After cooking their product Sous Vide style using my new Anova Precision Cooker here is my review and process to cook the steaks:SRFBox

  • Packaging Appearance: The product arrived in a heavy wall insulated cooler with dry ice.  This is great when shipping frozen product because they stay rock solid even if there is a problem with your delivery.  The steaks were individually vacuumed sealed in SNF branded plastic, and THOSE were inside a sleek black gift box with additional packaging material.  Even after thawing the product in the fridge for two days, there were no leakers and the plastic held up perfect.  They also supply a beautiful catalog with other items they sell, all of which SousVide5looks very appetizing, a SRF hat, and some Espresso Brava salt.
  • Product Appearance: The steaks themselves looks beautiful in their sealed package.  Each has a nice dark, almost burgundy color, meaning very little oxygen got into the package during processing.  I received ribeye, sirloin, and filet portions which all looked fantastic, but each had exceptional marbling. I even went as far as weighting each steak to insure they were at least the stated amount, and they were all on point. The ONLY thing I can negatively comment about is some of the similar items were cut in different thicknesses, but we all know each primal cut is unique, and can’t really take off any points for that.
  • Cooking Process: I thawed the steaks in my fridge for two days, then I removed each from their package, and seasoned with sea salt, blackSousVide4 pepper, and just a touch of granulated garlic.  I let them dry-brine in my fridge loosely covered in plastic wrap for about 5 hours.  I then re-vacuum sealed these steaks two to a bag.  I decided to sous vide the steaks, so I set up my Anova Precision Cooker to 134°F to give a nice medium/medium rare interior.  The steaks went into the bag, and into the water bath for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  The steaks were removed, patted dry, and I added just a little extra salt to each.  In a cast iron pan, I heated up a shallow pool of avocado oil until smoking, which is around 520°F.  I seared each steak for about 45 seconds on each side, and then they were ready to try.
  • Eating Experience: I pride myself on giving real reviews of products.  I am not paid or endorsed by any companies that send me product SousVide2during the time of my review, but I can tell you honesty that these were the best steaks I have ever eaten.  I also had some family members try, and they will agree.  Each steak, regardless of cut, had perfectly rendered marbled fat throughout the steak, and a beautiful buttery texture.  Each was extra juicy, and the dry-brine enhanced the natural beef notes without overpowering it. The sous vide process gave me an even medium/medium-rare finish thorough the entire center of the meat, which is a bonus of sous vide cooking.  They developed a perfect sear from the cast iron and avocado oil, without any burnt or off notes.  I cannot think of anything bad to possibly say about my eating experience.
  • Value: Even with the holiday special, the price is a little higher than some other competitors on the market, but due to the quality of the meat, this is still a good value.  This is a special gift box so it will SousVide6never be as affordable as if you bough a good volume of individual steaks, or a primal cut and trimmed it yourself, but you are getting some of the highest graded meat in the U.S.  You also get the bonus of the product being handled and shipped in the best way possible, and even get a sweet SRF hat included in the box.
  • Overall: This gift pack is a little on the pricy side, but as I said before, everything else about these products are just about perfect.  The only other comment I could complain about would be a little uneven thickness between the steaks in the package, but knowing meat, that is just SousVide1going to happen.  The flavor, appearance, texture, and overall experience was outstanding, so I give the American Kobe Steak Flight a 4.75 out of 5.

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CurdBurger1This weekend, my pal Chef Haberer was able to make some sous vide cheese curd stuffed burgers, and for the first time around, they were fantastic.

He used 100% ground beef short rib, then blended in cheese curds into the mix.  He lightly seasoned them, then sous vide for about 2 hours at 134°F.  After the pouch, he seared them in a cast iron pan on an induction burner reaching about 520°F with a shallow pool of avocado oil.

The photo makes the insides LOOK very rare, but due to this process, it was actually a perfect medium/medium rare all the way throughout.  That is the beauty of sous vide.CurdBurger3




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ID-100202053Many people possess a passion for food but don’t necessarily want to spend their nights, weekends, and holidays tucked away in the kitchen for their career choice.  There are a variety of options available for a foodie, not including positions at a traditional restaurant:

  • Catering/Food Truck – In some cases the hours can be better, you are more in control of the volume of work, and can plan ahead as opposed to a flurry of tickets and orders coming at you in a hot, sweaty kitchen.
  • Personal Chef – Famous people, rich people, and some large corporations like to have their own person on staff to cook what they want, when they want.
  • Corporate Chef – Large restaurant chains, food manufacturers, and retail outlets like to have someone at the helm to develop recipes, products, and presentations for the general public or to potential customers.
  • Research and Development Chef – 

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AxemenBBQ Color Logo

As you may know, I am part of the Axe-Men BBQ competition BBQ team that participates in KCBS events in the Midwest. Here is a little checklist of things you may need if you don’t have a monster trailer with multiple sponsors who will throw free stuff at you. I have removed some of our top secret items, but this should give you a good start if you are looking to get into some KCBS events…

Meat       Camp Equipment    
? ? 10×10 Canopy 1
? ? 10×10 Canopy with 3x Walls 1
? ? Folding Chairs 4
? ? Tent to sleep in 1
Rubs/Sauce/Presentation Pop up Tables 4
? ? Cinder Blocks 4
? ? Tarps 2
? ? Fire Pit 1
? ? Wood for fire pit 5 bundles
? ? Wood starters 2
? ? Buckets for water/hold down tents 8
? ? Small water hose w/ nossel 1
? ? ? ?
? ? Bungie Cords 24
? ? Fire Extiguisher 1
? ? Ash bucket and shovel 1
Ketchup 1 jar Duct Tape 1
Mustard 1 jar Electrical Tape 1
Apple Juice 1/2 Gallon Tool Box, Full 1
Salt 1 jar Portable work light 1
Fresh Curly Parsley 6 Bunches Flashlights 2
Additional Food/Drink Extension Cords 3
Ice Lots of it Generator (If we have one) 1
Salt and Pepper 1 jar each Cart or dolly 1
Water/gatoraid/beer/monster A bunch Rachet Straps for trailer 6
Snacks/Dinner/Breakfast A bunch Small broom and dust pan 1
Smokers/Grills/Fuel Toilet Paper 1
? ? Batteries for flashlights 3 sets
? ? Battieries for Thermometers 3 sets
? ? Large clock or timer set at competition 1
Propane Burner 1 Larger binder clips or table clips 4
Propane Tank, Full 1 Paper Towel Dispenser 1
? ? Bulk rope 30ft
? ? ? ?
? ? Bug Spray 1
? ? Sun Tan Lotion 1
? ? Ponchos 6
Stick Lighters 4 Sanitation/Disposables
Tools/Utensils/Pans/Storage Paper Towels, Roll 2
Cambro Camcarriers 2 Shop Towels 1
Coolers 4 Parchment Paper 1 box
Kinfe Roll 1 Full Bus Tubs 3
Cutting Boards 2 Sponge/Scrub Brush 2
Cutting Board skid 2 Dish Soap 1
Electric Knives 2 Sanatiser Spray 1
Injectors 2 Lysol Wipes, Tub 2
Grill Scraper 1 Sanatiser Bucket 1
Tongs 2 Aprins (Maybe) 2
Seasoning Shakers 3 Hand Sanitiser 1
Sauce Brush 2 Bleach, Small 1
Large Spatchula 2 Garbage Bags 1 roll
Grill Glove 2 pair To-Go containers 2 dozen
Plastic Tray Inserts 6 Ziplock Bags XL 12
? ? Ziplock Bags L 24
? ? Solo Cups 12
Large Water Pot w/ lid 1 Aluminum Foil, Roll 1
Thermometer Probe 3 Plastic Wrap, Roll 1
Thermopen 1 Disposable Gloves, box 2
Thermocouple 1 First Aid Kit 1
Large cups/bowls for sauce/brine 4 Disposable Plates 24
Toothpicks 1 box Disposable Silverwear 24 sets
Half sheet pans 3 Personal    
Full aluminum pans 12 Pillows
Half aluminum pans 12 Blankets
Full sheet pan 1 Toiletries
Other ? ?
Sign In Documents
Sponsor Info
Pens/Note Pads


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The Axe-Men BBQ team out of West Dundee, Illinois is looking for supporters and sponsors for this years BBQ season. We are a new team that competed in our first KCBS event in October of 2014, and still ended up with a 9th place call for ribs, and 10th place call for chicken, even with minimal equipment.  Our team is planning to compete in at least 6 events next season, and our goal is to participate in high profile events like the American Royal Barbeque Competition in Kansas City, as well as the Jack Daniel’s Championship in Lynchburg. Many of the regional events we participate in will be in the Midwest. We are fully invested in competing on the KCBS circuit and making Axe-Men BBQ a grand-champion team.  We also would eventually like to sell our sauces, rubs, and marinades to the general public.

As you might be aware, these BBQ competitions take a lot of time, effort, and money to complete. We are interested in everything from grills, smokers, trailers, campers, and meat…down to cleaning supplies, tables, chairs, coolers, wood, charcoal, beverages, knives, utensils, promotion materials, entry fees, and cash donations. In return, we want to go above and beyond to help promote any sponsors who help us along the way. We would add your company/personal name and/or logo to banners, clothing, or any other allowable items.  We can hand out sell sheets, contact info, or samples of anything you wish to visitors of the events. We would add you to our email list so you can keep track of our competitions, as well as visit us at any time to sample some of our award winning BBQ. Also, we would be more than happy to have a representative from your company on site to discuss your products with the public or other teams. If you have any other requests on what you would like from us in return for sponsorship, we are more than happy to discuss. The team also has a large network on social media including personal pages, blogs, and professional contacts.
Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information. Below are a few links to see how exciting some of the events and opportunities we will be participating in.
Thank you very much for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Steve Quirk
Mike Haracz