Sous Vide Curd Burger Weekend!

Posted: December 21, 2015 in NERDSTEAK - Straight Up Food, Uncategorized
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CurdBurger1This weekend, my pal Chef Haberer was able to make some sous vide cheese curd stuffed burgers, and for the first time around, they were fantastic.

He used 100% ground beef short rib, then blended in cheese curds into the mix.  He lightly seasoned them, then sous vide for about 2 hours at 134°F.  After the pouch, he seared them in a cast iron pan on an induction burner reaching about 520°F with a shallow pool of avocado oil.

The photo makes the insides LOOK very rare, but due to this process, it was actually a perfect medium/medium rare all the way throughout.  That is the beauty of sous vide.CurdBurger3



  1. Yowza, that’s a LOT Of beef!

  2. Jefe says:

    Yes, I agree, they look VERY rare. When I’ve done sous vide burgers (with cheese inside) to 134, my dining partner nearly spit them out, saying she wouldn’t eat the inside, because they were raw.

    I’m going for about 138 or 139 next batch.

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